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    Authorized UM Distributor

         UM Stage 4 Supercharged R32 ECU Upgrade

    UM Stage 4 Supercharged R32 ECU Upgrade

    Next Level Tuning has been an Authorized United Motorsport (UM) distributor for quite a while. We offer performance software as well as performance hardware upgrade for VW and Audi models.The software on your car plays a huge role in the amount of power the car makes, the way the power comes on and the way the car reacts when you tell it lets go!  Upgrading this software can bring your car to the next level (no pun intended).  Be it one of our finely tuned forced induction flashes or a fully optimized flash for a naturally aspirated motor we as a United Motorsport dealer have a solution for you.

    In addition to the pre-build flash files, UM also offer custom tuning services. These custom tuning services extend to customers with both naturally aspirated and forced induction setups (both OEM and aftermarket). UM has software from VW MK3, MK4, MK5, MK6 and Audi B5-B7, TT, TTRS, and R8.


    All of the software maps will include the following features: (mouse-over a feature for more information)

    • Increased horsepower and torque
    • Improved engine response
    • Optimized power delivery
    • Working Immobilizer A lot of other companies simply forget about security. Not us.
    • Fuel Octane-indifferent performance mapNo need to switch maps because you’re in an area that doesn’t have your preferred fuel grade. Our advanced performance algorithms will make sure your engine is safely performing it’s best regardless of the fuel available.
    • Improved fuel economy

    Adding our Performance software to your VW/Audi will make driving your car more enjoyable.  Whether it is changing gears smoother and faster or seeing your boost gauge climb higher than it has before you will enjoy your car that much more with performance software made for the enthusiast.

    If you are interested in a United Motorsport ECU/DSG upgrade, please contact us today!