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     Next Level Tuning

    companyimage-1Next Level Tuning, Inc. has been in business for over a decade. Simply put, throughout our years of experience, we have discovered “what works” and “what does NOT”. It is our belief that the best way to ensure your satisfaction, as well as uphold our reputation, is to let our work and the products we stand behind, speak for themselves.

    In today’s marketplace of “big business,” companies place a large importance on profit margins and sale numbers. Our business philosophy views all of our customers and their vehicles as the individuals that they are. We have been described by many as, “One of the few that still do business in an old-school fashion,” which we truly take great pride in doing. No matter how large or small, complex, or simple, NL Tuning welcomes the opportunity to provide a quality experience to all of our customers.

    Throughout the past decade, our customer relationships continue to grow through the Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, and New York regions. With that said, we would sincerely like to thank all of our customers for their continued support, as we have witness the coming and going of numerous business “competitors” over the years. As we continue to grow and mature with the passing of each year, it is our goal to continue to grow our relationships with our customers. It is equally important to us to establish a solid foundation with not only our customers, but the entire European car community.

    ECU Upgrades

    • Authorized APR and United Motorsport (UM) Dealer
    • Flashable Programming Installation
    • In-house APR Programming & ECU Solder installations


    •  Cold Air Intake Installation
    •  Other Intake Applications also Installed
    •  K&N and OEM Filter Upgrades/Replacement

    Intercooler & Silicone Hoses

    • Front Mount Intercooler Installation
    • Other Performance Intercooler Setups also Installed
    • Silicone Hose Installation – Turbo Inlet Hoses, Throttle Body Hoses, Intercooler Piping Upgrades
    • OEM Intercooler Hose & Piping Service/Replacement
    • OEM Intercooler Replacement


    • Body Styling Fitment – Body Kit Installation, Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass Hood & Trunk Installation
    •  Lighting Installations – Headlights, Taillights, Marker Lights, Euro-Switches, etc.

    Proud to Provide These Products


    APR is a company dedicated to the research and development of the the industry’s finest upgrades for Volkswagen and Audi. APR has made insurmountable strides within the past decade and has because the industry leader in programming and technology. APR has also developed an impressive line of additional aftermarket performance parts and upgrades. Our extensive experience as an authorized APR distributor allows our customers the absolute best possible experience.

    United Motorsport

    United Motorsport is an industry leader in custom ECU software for Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. Performance software for your VW / Audi will help bring your car to the next level in custom tuning performance. Whether you’re looking to add a little more power to your naturally aspirated motor or push the limits with a high boost forced induction setup, UM has the software to make it possible.

    Southbend Clutch

    South Bend Clutch prides themselves in providing a quality product back by three generations of knowledge and experience. SBC is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction with not only their products, but with their service and pricing. Much of their time and energy has been spent engineering new products to improve your driving experience. SBC’s vast line of clutches utilizes the newest technology the industry has to offer. Whether you drag, street race, or want the utmost confidence in your clutch components, South Bend Clutch will have the right applications for you.