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    Engine Maintenance and Performance

    In deciding on service and maintenance-type parts, or performance upgrade components, choosing the right part(s) and/or brand(s) is one of the most crucial & important aspects for you and your vehicle. Keep in mind that your VW/Audi can only perform as well as the parts that you use in it, as well as understanding the phrase that “you get what you pay for.” It is our belief that these principals should be referenced whenever choosing replacement parts or performance upgrades for your vehicle.

    After our decade and a half of experience in the VW/Audi service, maintenance, & performance industry, we have simply found “what works” and “what doesn’t.” The philosophy that we have operated by for the years that we’ve been in business is simple… treat people fairly as you would want to be treated, use quality brands & components, and do things right the first time. Allow our years of experience to serve and benefit you, as you will find that if you treat your VW/Audi the right way, it will do the same for you for years to come.